Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with specialised transportation systems specifically designed for the safe transportation of glass for businesses in the glass and glazing industry.

Glass Transportation Vehicles

Our vehicles for transporting glass are fitted with specialised transportation systems specifically designed to suit the unique requirements of transporting window, door frames and glass and minimise the risk of breakages. These include Internal Racks designed to transport glass units inside the vehicle, and External Racks for larger glass units and frames.

Our range of specialised vehicles for carrying & transporting glass include:

  • Artic Curtainsiders
  • Artic Flat trailers
  • Crane Rigid Lorries
  • 12 ton Rigid Glass carrying lorry, with specialised side loading lorries for large double glazed units and cut sized glass
  • HIAB Crane Lorries
  • 10 ton Lorries
  • 6.5ton Lorries
  • Vans

Glass Lifting Vehicles

Our fleet also includes other other vehicles specially equipped for moving glass, including:

Our vechicles can carry the following types of glass products:

Our Artics can carry loads such as:

  • Anneals glass
  • Laminate glass
  • Fire glass
  • Figured glass
  • Window & door frames

Our smaller fleet lorries are suitable for:

  • Loose glass
  • Doubled glazed units
  • Processed glass
  • Mirror
  • Window & door frames